Carpet and adhesive (glue) selection

Did you ask yourself many times:

  • Which subwoofer box carpet to buy?
  • Where to buy speaker box carpet?
  • Which adhesive should I use?

Here we will explain you how to choose the speaker carpet and adhesive (spray glue).

Carpet selection: Carpets have a large variety of backings to choose from. The worst carpet has a solid rubber backing. It is hard to work with because it doesn’t bend nicely and it’s much more difficult to cut. Better but still not best carpet is the type used for household carpet. Its flexibility is much higher than the solid rubber type. It’s also easier to cut but still hard to work with. Best one is also the most commonly used one. It is the one that has a thin, flexible and¬†stretchable backing. With this one you can make nice and clean corners that lay down nicely and also stay down. Cutting through it is very easily.

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Adhesive selection: Some people like to use contact cement adhesive. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Good thing is it holds really well but it takes more time to apply and it’s hard to allocate it evenly. It also must be¬†applied to both pieces that will be joined. For carpeting a speaker box it’s preferable to use spray adhesive, since it’s easy to apply it evenly through the surface. It is also better to spray both surfaces that are to be joined. After spraying, it’s good to wait a few seconds for it to become sticky so carpet doesn’t move after applying.

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